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- Since 2015

Shenzhen Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized on the R&D and sales of ASIC, AI, HPC and Edge Server. Thus far, the Company has designed and massively produced several ASIC models and sold them to many countries and regions around the world. Hence, the Company enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

Our products are widely used in face recognition, video structuring, intelligent healthcare and intelligent security sectors. On the our list of customers are such industry leaders as HiKvision, China Everbright Bank, ByteDance and Meituan. Upholding the ultimate pursuit of products, the Company has continuously improved existing products, developed new products and constantly enhanced product stability and cost-effectiveness, so as to create more value for customers.  

The Company has worked on blockchain and distributed memory for years. With complete software and hardware technologies for IPFS, CHIA and CRUST on the market, we can provide customers with total solutions and full services on hardware sales, hash power encapsulation, software and hardware operation and maintenance.

Historical Development


Core Strengths
  • Leading Chip Development Technology
    The Company has years of experience in working with professional chip developers like SAMSUNG,focusing on the development and mass production of custom high-speed and low power consumption chips.
  • A Well-developed Production and Marketing Supply Chain
    Specialized in the overall R&D,production and marketing of ASIC servers,the Company independently develops software and hardware,and boasts well-supported
    supply chain systems,production technology support and quality control resources.
  • High Performance & Low Power Consumption
    Years of successful innovative development have allowed us to comprehensively upgrade the chip design and overall organization.While the ultimate performance of chips is given to play,the power consumption has continuously optimized,realizing a balance between hash power and power.
    Product Customization
    Products can be comprehensively designed and customized to meet the diversifying requirements of customers.
  • Overseas Class a IDCs 
    Through the international constant temperature system,high standard racks,high-speed broadband of independent public network,energy-saving dust-free rooms
    and globally distributed nodes,we provide professional collocation,maintenance,technical support and real-time safety guarantee for server storage devices.The high and new technology in combination of distributed memory and computing is used to serve decentralized Internet of Things,big data,artificial intelligence and cloud
    storage,generating shared bandwidth and storage space for more stable revenue.
  • Professional Technical Service Support
    We provide professional technical service support from installation maintenance to fault correction.The complete after-sales system and professional service team will keep customers worry-free in revenue realization.
    Safe and Reliable Large-sized Mines Overseas
    We have safe and reliable large-sized mines overseas to satisfy the customers'collocation service requirements.
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