Cheetah F1

Cheetah F1 24T

  • 24Th/s ±5%
  • 87J/T ±7%
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Product Spec
Basic Parameters
Rated computing power 24T±5%
Minable coins SHA256/BTC-BCH-BSV
Internet connection 10/100MBase-T
Working humidity 5%RH~95%RH,Non-Gel
Chip type SAMSUNG ASIC 10nm Chip
Rated voltage 14.5V~15.5V
Reference power on wall 2100W±7%
Basic specifications and dimensions
Bare metal size (L)266mm*(W)200mm*(H)230mm
Bare metal weight 4.5kg
Machine noise 65db
Environmental parameters
Operating Voltage 180~260V/AC
Working Temperature 0℃~40℃(32°F~104°F)
Warranty period Parts and whole machine warranty 180 days
Payment procedure
  • I. Method of Payment

    The only official designated account
    Account Name: Shenzhen Yongyi Technology Co., Ltd.       
    Bank of Deposit: CITIC Bank International (China) Co., Ltd.
    Bank Account Number: 8210301013300002487   
    Bank of Deposit for Bank Transfer: CITIC International
  • II. Voucher Upload

    Please complete the payment within 24 hours after order submission via bank transfer. Please log into the User Center on the official website after payment, find the corresponding order in My Orders and upload the [Payment Voucher] within 24 hours, fill in the real name of payer and amount of payment.
  • III. Contracts and Invoices

    According to the relevant laws and regulations of the Tax Law of the People's Republic of China, a valid VAT invoice can only be issued if the contract buyer, payer, and invoice are consistent. If the above three are inconsistent or a contract with more than one payer, the contract and invoice for that order cannot be provided.
  • IV. Risk Warning

    Affected by industry factors, the price of the product may rise or fall due to the fluctuation of the price of virtual goods. The completion of payment indicates that the buyer consents to the quantity and price of the order and voluntarily bears the risks and benefits that may be brought by the market. There is no refund or return after payment.
1. Please note that return of remittance arising from non-compliance with account entry will be subjected to a service charge of USD 10.00.
2. The English name of the company must be written in one line in full form, otherwise it will not be credited by the bank system when identifies the payee information.

Purchase Notes

1. This product comes with power supply and a power cord;

2. A 50% deposit is needed for orders on futures, and the balance should be paid within the delivery period before delivery can be arranged for;

3. Online purchase procedure: select the product—click Buy Now—make the bank transfer (full amount)—upload the payment voucher—contact the customer service specialist/sales manager for delivery confirmation—receipt;

4. Payment can be made with RMB, HK dollars and US dollars. Payment with Bitcoins won’t be accepted;

5. No delivery to Mainland China (Hong Kong and Taiwan excluded) will be made.Please consult an international freight forwarding logistics service company for mode of delivery, transportation fees, value insurance fees and other fees. All these fees will be borne by you;

6. Due to market volatility, the price of the product may be adjusted at any time after your purchase. We do not assume the obligation of prior notice and price compensation;

7. No refund or return will be accepted after payment, whether the product is delivered or not;

8. The warranty period of miner products is 180 days from the date of delivery;

9. Please consult the sales manager for contract and invoice details.

After-sales Policy

In order to provide users with the best service experience, we undertake to give users 180 days of product warranty period, and offer maintenance services for products covered by warranty. After purchase, the buyer is considered to have agreed with this policy. The following products won’t be covered by warranty:

1. Products not installed according to the specifications;products that are damaged due to parts separation, unstable connection or circuit breakage caused by wilfully putting on or removing from the shelf , pulling, scrabbling, lifting and smashing;

2. Products not put on the shelf due to misoperation, including but not limited to products damaged by reverse, inadequate or no wire plugging;

3. Products damaged by dismantling, modifying or repairing without the written or electronic authorization of Party A;

4. Products damaged by inadequate hash power or mismatching resulted from the use of non-designated parts, including but not limited to power supply, control panel, fan or cables;

5. Products with inadequate or abnormal hashing power, slow operation or burn-in products after the use of non-designated supporting software;

6. Products with a shortened service life or directly damaged by unauthorized modification of product operating parameters (such as out of frequency range);

7. Damages resulting from non-standard power, network and environment use conditions as instructed, including but not limited to humid environment, corrosive environment, ultra-high temperature environment, dust particles, abnormal voltage and current (surge, impact, instability), etc;

8. Products with the serial number maliciously altered, defaced or deliberately removed;

9. Damages arising from natural disasters, including but not limited to earthquakes, fires, rainstorms and sand storms.