I. Maintenance Guide

I. Send out the Faulty Machine

If the fault can’t be identified, please contact the customer service for confirmation.

After-sales Information:

WeChat Official Account: Intelligent CHEETAH/ gh_037a0cc44ad3

Customer Service WeChat Account: wxid_ylsjqbgdb8s422

Working Hours: 9:00 to 18:00 on workdays


1. In case of machine fault, please promptly contact an after-sales specialist who will advise on the faulty parts to be reworked after an understanding and remote inspection on the faulty machine. In event of a large umber of damaged calculation boards, please rework them as authorized, guided or suggested by the after-sales specialist.

2. After the user creates the work order, the after-sales specialist will consider the parcel as the faulty or damaged machine by default and sign for receipt as usual. The after-sales specialist will inspect the machine fault or damage after unpacking. The after-sales specialist won’t be held responsible for damages on the part of logistics or users.

To prevent machine damages during transportation, users should take proper protective measures in packaging before sending out the machine.

1. Parcel pick-up is not supported in after-sales service. Please do not select the “parcel pick-up” option. The maintenance freight for machines within the warranty period should be borne by the users. Therefore, users must select the “delivery fee prepaid” option when sending out the machine for after-sales maintenance.

II. Create the Maintenance Work Order

1. Click “After-sales Service” on the official website> Warranty/Maintenance, click “Maintenance Order”, and add maintenance parts and fill in the rework information on the page.